huzzah for design!

Mohawk Flooring

i’ve been waiting for EVER to show this off. my last big project for the last company i was with until i hopped over to europe. a redesign of mohawk flooring’s cleaning brand. a lot of detail went into the packaging itself. they wanted these crazy folding boxes and getting all the product in and in a certain size was insane, a challenge, and made me want to strangle myself. ^___^ the mohawk team were however a great group of people to work for.  they knew what they were looking for and really were quite open to ideas and suggestions.
the colour scheme was worked out by line – carpet, hardwood, tile, and accessories to the line. unlike other products on the market, they wanted more muted colours since this was not a big box brand.  the emphasis was clean, upper-middle class, and green (as in the environment).
the first round was with massive lifestyle images, but myself and the product person pushed for the emphasis on the product it contained.
the white type on the product itself (carpet, tile, hardwood) was my push to have the product idea come across cleanly.

mohawk bottles

i wanted clean lines, a clean and simple font, and not too much wording and clutter on the front. my thought was that if one looks at the other higher end “green” brands out there (method, whole foods) simple was the best. this way the product and what it was for was easy to pick out.  i didn’t want customers to have to decode sentences to find out what the product was for. you have about 3 seconds to get a point across to a customer and what i want them to process was 1. Mohawk Flooring, 2. what the product was for, 3. it was a high quality product.  the “surprise” bonus was that it was also a green product.

you can find the products online at mohawk floor care essentials.


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  1. Great Post. Can you email me back, please. Thank you.

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