mapping out the degree show

Degree Show Toilet Guide

once again the WRH is out and holly and myself decided to make a toilet guide (a complete homage to house industries btw!), for what can distract from art like the need to go, right? so be relieved (both literally and figuratively) since once again the student newspaper has decided not to pander to the newsiphiles amongst the art crew. we haven’t figured out if the map is actually helpful or not, but feel free to pick it up in the new edition of the WRH and give it a whirl.


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4 Responses to mapping out the degree show

  1. Super cute. You guys deserve a toilet break. Kate x

  2. kasia says:

    I love your map! my favourite bit in the recent issue of wrh. Of course the map is not as good as the cover;)
    Would be great to cover Edinburgh city centre with the toilet map. very useful I think…

    • kc says:

      oh! thank you! i know the cover rocked right?
      maybe holly would be enticed to hunt down public toilets for the map? it would be a smart inclusion, you’re right! ^______^ xx

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