a shakespearean tail…

there would be nothing better than snuggling up with my personal puppy furnace, named hamlette
but alas she is happily snuggly in the states with her grandparents right now.


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5 Responses to a shakespearean tail…

  1. kasia says:

    hello little hamlette!!! :)) she is so cute!

    • kasia says:

      hey! i don’t like this yellow face that just showed up on my comment! looks like i cannot remove it now…

      • kc says:

        you were attacked by a crazy wordpress smiley face it seems.
        but lil hamlette! just for you!! xx

  2. holly says:

    Hello Casey!

    I got your email. Forgive my ignorance – is thanksgiving the 25th? My birthday is 27th and I’ve planned about a weeks worth of celebrations… so unless i cancel on everyone, I’m going to have to say sorry and apologise for my absence. Sorry!! I would have really liked to have joined in the festivities.

    I got the tattoo bug again – it’s only very small, a turquoise heart. Small but by far the most painful! ha x

    • kc says:

      Hi Holly! No prob, Thanksgiving is the 25th, I had a feeling it was close to your birthday, wasn’t sure if you were in town for graduation or not. But no need to worry, your birthday is just as important! 😀

      oh my! you and your tattoo bug! i can’t wait to see a photo (as long as it isn’t too crazy a spot!).

      how are the chickens doing?

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