oh what a night!

i was terribly excited to head down to Fruitmarket Gallery last night to hear the amazing Amelia of Amelia’s
(and other lovely books!) talk about the newest book -Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration
and hopefully get some amazing  portfolio advise and meet some lovely new people. (hello we are caravan)!

Amelia gave a wonderful and super informative chat (with delicious cookies and juice!)
hearing about how the magazine came to be and all current projects was quite awe
inspiring! (not to mention that her magazine has really inspired me!)

i was excited not only to get me book signed(!!) but had a brilliant portfolio
crit with her. it’s always great having such talented people give you really
useful advice! also got the amazing opportunity to chat and get feedback with the
lovely folks at the Fruitmarket gallery.  also was convinced of the need to tweet.
so i’m now on twitter. (who thought they’d see the day?!)

(some of the amazing art/book/postcards on display!!)


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6 Responses to oh what a night!

  1. kasia says:

    good to hear you are now on twitter!

  2. holly says:

    KC!!! If I knew you liked this woman and her work so much I would so have told you I spent a week in Bethnal Green with her a few years ago, working on Amelia’s magazine!!!

    • kc says:

      hahaha! i had no idea you had worked with her! very awesome. 😀
      btw how’s prep work for your show coming? super excited to see you and and your work!!

  3. Hiya! Great blog. Good to meet you!

    Caravan crew

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