eca degree show 2011

Simple narratives that can haunt have always intrigued me.  The everyday tales of ordinary people just
trying to go on with life. Small stories that haunted my imagination for months onward – who were these
people? What happened to them? .  My natural curiosity for the world surrounding me. History for me is
etched into architecture and the gestures of everyday life.  It passively sits there just waiting for someone to
notice and wonder about it.  These are the themes explored in my books of abandoned spaces.
The other body of work was a more personal theme of feminism and fashion. Fashion brings up immediate
and sometimes very visceral imagery.  I would like to think that fashion can be used not to define what we
are and are not, but a form of artistic expressionism.  My work has been looking at not only fashion but how
and if it can relate to feminism.  As a woman, should I be labeled by what I wear?  I wonder if what we
wear should define us or if we as a society can see fashion as a form of expression. If we use clothes to define us,
are we concealing are actual selves or using them as armor in this day and age?


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