fashion week(s) – part final

the miu miu show was rather okay (boring?) in terms of clothes but – But the red/tan lace
dresses were phenomenal! and not because i love (as i think i’ve mentioned about a hundred
times) lace and drawing it. and the red lace dresses popped like nothing else in the collection.

there were bits and pieces of maiyet that i adored. (i had no clue about the global
community help that was the lines back story – which in finding out makes me love the
few pieces i loved even more!) but this lovely blue frock had the most splendid details
about the shoulders.  i did seem to forget the poor model a head though…

all i can say is that the people over at jcrew have simply rocked the simple but tailored
look wonderfully well for the past few shows and SS12 was no exception.  granted as a
nyc-er i have this knee jerk reaction to anything other than black and shades thereof
but maybe i should attempt to add some yellow since every designer seems to believe
we’ll be wrapping every part of our body in its bold shade this coming spring.

what was i just saying about yellow? never the less jason wu’s collection was a personal
fav. there is something very brilliant (no pun intended really!) about his collections.
and if the rumour that he has a target collection in the pipeline is true? he’ll have me
swooning once again!

10 crobsy derek lam. if there ever was a collection from a designer that literally looked
like it could be the uniform for downtown nyc – this would be it. that said, it’s a
brilliant collection in terms of clothing i would actually wear (along with every other
person on the LES.)



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