NYFW Fall 2012 :: post one

chadwick bell has recreated the 1980s reganite femme fatale with a slightly edgy update.
there were bold colours and the black leather gloves (which seems to be a thing across every
designers shows this year). and while i’m not a huge fur fan – there was something elegant and
lushious about the way he used it. it made me wish i wasn’t allergic to fur and then you’d see
me strutting through manhattan with a brilliant silver fox stole. i may have to revisit this
collection to give it more time then a few sketches.

there is precious little from lauren moffatt’s collection that i wouldn’t want in my closet
right now.  deliciously playful theme of  mischievous school girls! there were some slightly
crazy pieces (one dress seemed comprised completely of metal studs) but on the whole
it was endearingly pretty and very functional. and that is a plus – most of these pieces would
easily slide into fashionable nyc office attire. only thing i wish was that there was better
photos of the jackets. they looked simply perfect from the little one can see!


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