so, now that my scanner is back up & running – continuing on with NYFW.
JCrew (whose ads on nymag.com with the lovely cursive font are to die for)  has once again
made a collection of many pieces i will lust over. and mostly likely buy as manyas i can
from it. bright, light and full of bold patterns seemed to be the theme. and everyone’s collection
at nyfw seemed to include some form of red lace/embroidery/pattern work in it. an obvious
must for spring i am thinking.

if i had to chose a waredrobe that had a perfect balance of 80s/90s and colour to it for
spring this would be that collection.  i’d imagine that if i wanted to pretend to be an extra
in sixteen candles i would shop this collection. not that it was a pure blast from the past,
nor actually reminded me of the 80s – it just had enough hints to let us pretend that people
in the 80s could have been awesome and dressed like this collection from custo barcelona.

what i really wanted to draw but didn’t have time for was that brilliant star dress from
jason wu’s spring 2013 collection. but there were so many options to choose from and
i’ll save that other dress for holiday cards or something. it was stunning, lovely and
was both fantastic and modern. also it had elements of that spring bondage theme that
seems to be a trend amongst the designers this year but with this collection it worked
so, so well. 😀

another post on monday!


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