continuing the bondage wear trend that every other designer seems to have – alexander wang’s
collection is a refreshing, texture brilliant collection. if bondage wear could be sexy and yet
strangely light – this would be it. there are so many pieces from this collection i could have
sketched – definitely take some time to peruse his spring collection.

all i can hope if that betsy johnson keeps having runway shows. it seemed a bit of a best of
collection but still i love the energy of her clothes.

alice + olivia’s collection was a beautiful update to the 50s/60s silhouette. colourful and
fun with the brilliant use of texture and pattern. this would be a fantastic collection
to fill up one’s closet for functionally fun pieces for work.

another large fashion post on friday! that’s when i move to paris fashion week. 😀



so, now that my scanner is back up & running – continuing on with NYFW.
JCrew (whose ads on nymag.com with the lovely cursive font are to die for)  has once again
made a collection of many pieces i will lust over. and mostly likely buy as manyas i can
from it. bright, light and full of bold patterns seemed to be the theme. and everyone’s collection
at nyfw seemed to include some form of red lace/embroidery/pattern work in it. an obvious
must for spring i am thinking.

if i had to chose a waredrobe that had a perfect balance of 80s/90s and colour to it for
spring this would be that collection.  i’d imagine that if i wanted to pretend to be an extra
in sixteen candles i would shop this collection. not that it was a pure blast from the past,
nor actually reminded me of the 80s – it just had enough hints to let us pretend that people
in the 80s could have been awesome and dressed like this collection from custo barcelona.

what i really wanted to draw but didn’t have time for was that brilliant star dress from
jason wu’s spring 2013 collection. but there were so many options to choose from and
i’ll save that other dress for holiday cards or something. it was stunning, lovely and
was both fantastic and modern. also it had elements of that spring bondage theme that
seems to be a trend amongst the designers this year but with this collection it worked
so, so well. 😀

another post on monday!


erin barr’s collection was black & red and white & grey and simply brilliant. it was graphic,
simple and modern lines with lovely silhouettes. bold stripes and interesting cutouts made
for some wonderful pieces that will most likely be the style guide to any downtown nyc girl.

rag & bone’s collection had some very memorable bright neon pieces along with this skirt.
a bit naughty of a drawing, i know. still, you’ve been notified – neons are here to stay.

if i needed an outfit for a fantasy, scifi dessert adventure – i’d want a good portion of
nicholas k’s collection.  i actually wish i now lived in a dessert or near one just to have
an excuse to buy anything from this collection. it was also very different from the cutout/
straps and watery/greek theme that ran through many of the seasons collections so far.
this probably helped it stand out in my mind.

another post on friday!


if there was a better reaction than swooning then once again lauren moffatt would be
receiving it from me. i am in sincere absolute love with the beautiful blazers and as
always the dresses are simply brilliant.

wonderous. the prints that honor used were fantastic. i would need a week to even try
to begin to try to do them justice. just go look and take them all in.

chadwick bell‘s collection was both ethereal as well as modern and clean. the colours
were subtle and the draping was lovely. i drew the more ethereal pieces but there was some
brilliant lace work and some marvellous pieces that any woman would die to have in
her work wardrobe.

another post tomorrow!


every season i fall in love with 10 crosby by derek lam. this season is no different.
the entire collection is pure downtown nyc.  effortlessly elegant.

concept korea seems to be new this year (although i could be easily wrong on this).
it seeks to showcase 5 korean designers and while all had at least one thing that i
loved i, this was one of my favourites.

bcbg was lovely. it contained 2 of the most prominent trends so far at nyfw – bondage
straps and that salmon-neon orange (best guess is 1575C). absolutely brilliant layering
of fabrics and textures with a nice balance between tough and feminine.

another post coming tomorrow.

omg SHOES!

so after my sister gatewayed me into the world of tory burch flats (which really are ridiculously comfortable)
i happen to be looking at wallets and see these. yes. the Casey Ballet Flat. not only are they adorable (which they are!)
they have My Name. so naturally out came the butcher paper and china markers.  of course they are sold out
which saves me from spending my wallet money on them, but still So Very Awesome.



NYFW Fall 2012 :: post three

diane von furstenberg’s collection was sexy, powerful and wonderfully full of clothing that
i would quite happily get into my closet. by any means necessary. seriously. beautiful colours
and moments of playful surrealism with some of her patterns. (the dress with the hands is
one of my favourites!) the whole collection was full of brilliant reds, earthy, power browns,
occassional pops of brights like yellow, neon green and blue and hot, two-tone leather gloves.